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Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home Kit

Adios Bad Hair Days. Our at-home Nanoplasty is finally here!

Say hello to your new ultra shiny, soft and manageable hair for up to 4-8 months or as your hair grows out. A formaldehyde free product, formulated using vegan ingredients from Brazil.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment At Home Kit


The Ultimate Set

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Nanoplastia Hydration Trio

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Nanoplastia Hair Smoothing 120ml

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Nanoplastia Hair Smoothing 240ml

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Deep Hydration Shampoo
BKT Deep Hydration Shampoo

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Deep Hydration Hair Mask
BKT Deep Hydration Hair Mask

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BKT Silk Touch Hair Oil

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Nano Pro - 1 Liter

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acai nutri care oil
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Beox Keraprime Clear Conditioner
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Beox Keracoffee Vegan & Sulfate-free Conditioner
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BKT Tint Brush
buy Tint Brush + Vinyl Gloves
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heat resistant professional tail comb
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