Heat Resistant Gloves
Protect hands with the Heat Resistant Glove. This glove is designed to be worn when working with heat styling tools, including hair straighteners, flat irons, hot rollers and curling irons and tongs.Designed to protect hands for a longer amount of time...
BKT Tint Brush + Vinyl Gloves
Tint Brush Black is perfect for your nanoplasty application. It has a sectioning tooth to allow you to easily apply the products to your hair. The bristles are perfect for this application because they coat quickly and evenly to the root...
Tint Brush
Professional tint brush
2 Croc Hair Sectioning Clips
- Heat and chemical resistant - Super flexible - Strong grip - Won't pull your hair - Sectioning clip
BKT Wet Brush Detangler
Our hair detangler brush could help detangle your hair easily without damaging it.
BKT Professional Tail Comb
High quality BKT Tail Comb
BKT Tint Bowl /Nanoplasty Bowl
BKT Professional Tint Bowls are made from high quality & durable materials. This bowl comes with a handle and has a perfect size & shape to create the ideal mixture for nanoplasty & hair colouring at home. 
BKT Scalp Massage Brush
BKT's Scalp Massage Brush is designed to stimulate the cells within the scalp, creating blood flow and promoting the distribution of nutrients throughout the scalp. We recommend you to use it 3-4 times per week for 5 minutes.  Promotes scalp health...
BKT Paddle Brush
Photon Lizze Extreme
$350.00 $299.99
Photon Lizze Extreme
Usually, hair stylists use this product for hair colouring, hydration and keratin treatments.Photon Lizze allows you to have straight hair without putting health at risk. The nanometre light waves come in contact directly with the hair cuticle, obtaining more lasting...
$350.00 $299.99
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