Should You Colour Before or After Keratin Treatment?

Colouring/Toning: Before or After Keratin Treatment 

Ideally, you should colour or tone your hair after a Keratin or Nanoplasty treatment. This is because Keratin can lighten your hair by 1-2 tones and Nanoplasty by 2-3 tones. A colour treatment performed before Keratin or Nanoplasty could result in a much lighter hair colour than you intended.

Can I Colour My Hair?

Should You Color Before or After Keratin Treatment? | BKT Beauty

  • Colouring Before Treatment: You can either colour your hair before the Brazilian Keratin Treatment or after; colouring the hair right before the BKT is okay, but you should take into account that the colour will get lighter during the treatment.
  • Colouring After Treatment: If you are using our products, we recommend waiting 2-5 days before colouring your hair after receiving the keratin treatment.
  • Bleach Before Treatment: We recommend that you bleach your har 1-2 weeks before the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.
  • Bleach After Treatment: If you want to bleach your hair after the treatment, we recommend you wait for 2 weeks. Ideally, this would have been done 2 weeks before your Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Nanoplasty.
  • For Dark Colours/Toner: You can dye your hair 2 days after the treatment. 

Why Can’t I Color My Hair at the Same Time as the Keratin Treatment?

A freshly done keratin treatment deposits a thin layer of keratin in your hair. This needs two weeks to bind and penetrate the hair follicle, making this time a crucial period to be extra vigilant with your hair. Colouring your hair is the last thing you want to do.

Failure to do this will cause your keratin treatment to not last as long and can even leave your hair with patches of frizz and unevenness. At this point, you must avoid all unnecessary hair treatments and leave your hair alone.

You should wait at least 2-4 weeks to bleach your hair, because bleach swells the cuticles, leaving them more vulnerable to chemical damage. This directly damages your hair's protein structure.

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