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Beox Siller Fast Instant Tinting Neutralizer LEAVE-IN for blonde hair 90ml

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The products of the Siller line are potent de-yellowing agents, which  promotes hydration and recovery for blond/bleached hair, which suffer from the actions of the bleaching processes, as its formula contains several actives that align the cuticles, reduce frizz and enhance the shine.

Siller Fast Matting Fluid, developed to instantly neutralize and tint the undesirable yellow tones of blond and white hair. Formulated with Vitamin E, Açaí, Acerola and Grape, it tints the hair without damaging or drying it, with thermal and solar protection, protects the hair from the heat of the board and from sun exposure, in addition to treating and leaving the hair strong and healthy.
Practical and without rinsing, corrects and intensifies the color of blond hair, leaving the hair completely revitalized and illuminated.

How to Use:
1- Shake before use.
2- With clean and damp hair, spray a small amount on the strands spreading evenly.
3- Brush the wires and finish as desired.