BEOX KeraPrime BB Cream Supreme Leave In 17 in 1 - 120ml / Sun Protection For Hair
BEOX KeraPrime BB Cream Supreme Leave In 17 in 1: 1-Repairs damaged hair2-Tridimentional shine3- Reduces frizz4-Sun protection5-Color protection6-Anti-frizz7-Thermal protection8-Conditions and disentangles9-Defines curls10-Split end protection11-Moisturizing and humectant agents12-Anti-aging care13-Enhances the duration of smoothing treatments14-Reduces Volume15-Acts as a thermal-disciplining product16-Strengthens hair fiber17-Intense...
BEOX KeraPrime Regenerative Mask 250g
KeraPrime Regenerative Mask repairs your hair by deep hydration, recovering strength, shine, and smoothness. Its formula has been designed with the unique Cast Guard System compound and is rich in nourishing vitamins, proteins, and oils with emollient properties that get...
BEOX Acai Nutri Care Oil 45ml
Nourishing oil with antioxidant action, made with Acai Oil, Vitamin E and UV Filter, nourishes, repairs, seals and strengthens the dry ends, promotes shine, softness and vitality to the hair.How to Use:1. Apply 3 (three) to 5 (five) drops of...
KeraCoffee Cruelty-Free Hair Mask
KeraCoffee cruelty-free hair mask is a real treat for your hair. The base of this hair care line is made of organic, vegan and natural ingredients, therefore it is an amazing addition to your hair routine. These include extracts from coffee, essential...
Leave In Conditioning Spray for Curly Hair
Brazilian Curly Leave In Conditioning Spray controls frizz and provide more defined curls. It is prepared with Coconut Water, Jaborandi and Pomegranate Extract. It protects and gives new life to hair. Works on dull, lifeless hair by restoring the natural loss...
Brazilian Curly Moisturising Shampoo 300ml
Brazilian Curly Moisturising Shampoo provides you with a smooth cleanse, without damaging your hair. Ginger, Guarana, Pomegranate Extract – this mixture replenishes hair minerals, repairs and reduces frizz, making curls look smoother, silkier, and easier to manage. These products are...
Beox Keraprime Clear Conditioner
A daily care line indicated to maintain hair fiber as desired. Formulas prepared to maintain hair clean, conditioned, hydrated and revitalized. Its active ingredients act inside the hair fiber, protecting it from fading and repairing the damages caused by physical...
Beox Keracoffee Vegan & Sulfate-free Conditioner
Recovery Conditioner - Conditioner specially made with Coffee Extract and Essential Oils keeps hair treated and nourished.
Beox Siller Fast Instant Tinting Neutralizer LEAVE-IN for blonde hair 90ml
The products of the Siller line are potent de-yellowing agents, which  promotes hydration and recovery for blond/bleached hair, which suffer from the actions of the bleaching processes, as its formula contains several actives that align the cuticles, reduce frizz and enhance the...
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